Ever wish you had the knew exactly what to do to create video content like a boss?!

Yes?! That’s exactly what this workbook will teach you how to do!


Who is this for?

CEOs and entrepreneurs who want to be GREAT on video!

Whether you're brand new to video or tried it out in the past without much success, the guide will give you the exact steps you need to take to be great on camera. 

What will you learn?

My exact strategy for approaching video like the boss you are. 

How does it work?

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What my clients say about working with me...

Mikaela Ian
Onikki Hardtman - Owner, Oh Nikki Occasions

“Mikaela Ian really knows what she’s talking about. Since I worked with her, I’ve gotten so much more confident being able to hop on video and share more about myself with my followers and potential clients that are out there. All the tips and tricks that she gave me, I’ve noticed have really been the thing that pushed those clients over to edge to want to book with me, to want to learn more about my services and to engage more in the videos that I’m sharing. Just following those tips and tricks, showing up with confidence and showing up consistently has been key. I really want to thank her.”

Owner, Oh Nikki Occasions

Mikaela Ian
Allison Lacousiere - Owner, Clear Coaching

“Mikaela Ian exudes the confidence and skill necessary to market yourself over video and leads by true example. My initial session with her she uncovered limitations in both mindset and in technical skills that were holding me back from being more efficient and successful marketing myself over video. She gave me tools to overcome those challenges and I walked away knowing the strategies necessary to effectively and efficiently create video content that converts. I would highly recommend working with Mikaela if you are working to grow your business or your confidence.”

Owner, Clear Coaching

Mikaela Ian
Patrice Frith-Hayward - Radio Personality

“I have been hosting FB live chats and posting videos on both FB and IG for a few years, but always knew I needed assistance with my presentation and technical skills, in order to show up on a more professional level. Mikaela offered to assist me with camera positioning, as well as lighting and the actual presentation itself, focusing on my speaking flow, as well as authenticity in my content and brand. She objectively critiqued some of my existing vlogs – which didn’t make me feel uncomfortable – which I appreciated. I am working on mastering what she has perfected and looking forward to presenting more professional videos, as well as spending more time with Mikaela in leveling up my social media presence. ”

Radio Personality