Mikaela Ian

I help busy moms give themselves permission to create a luxurious life they love without the guilt by clarifying their desires, shifting their mindset and raising their standards.

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Luxurious AF

I'm creating a community of like minded women who are all on the journey of giving themselves permission to create a luxurious life on their terms, whatever that looks like called Luxurious AF.  
If that excites you, I want to invite you to come join as a founding member and lock in founding member pricing before I launch properly. Click the link below to sign up. 
Luxurious AF
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Built For Luxury Podcast

My podcast is for the woman who wants to feel worthy of a luxurious, self-indulgent life. Because shouldn’t you live your life on your terms? That includes mindset, your career, starting a business, dating, health + wellness, money and much more. 

I want you to seize opportunities, do what feels good to you, step outside of your comfort zone and shake it up a bit to have exactly what you want in life. Let’s get into it.



I'm That Girl Mini Course

Register for #1 mini course for women who’ve been playing it safe but want to give themselves permission to glow up and create a luxurious life.

When you register, you will receive the replays from this live virtual three-day event held with Mikaela Ian from April 7-9th. The training videos will be emailed to you upon completion of payment. 


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Luxury Cheat Sheet

Luxury is a mindset and a feeling. I want you to embrace it every single day regardless of how much or how little money is in your bank account.

In this download, I’m sharing my things to do to feel luxurious without spending more than $100. Most of them are free or very low cost. Go through the list and choose a few that you can commit to this week.


Manifest Your Luxurious Life

Manifest Your Luxurious Life is a comprehensive guide with Mikaela Ian's five-steps that she used to manifest her luxurious life and exactly how she did it. 

You'll learn how to get clear on what you want, shift your mindset, start a gratitude practice, purge your life and infuse everyday luxurious.  

This guide includes Mikaela Ian's custom affirmation list, various growth assignments and personalized recommendations to a luxurious life.