You really want a luxurious life but you’re missing a clear roadmap on how to get it:

  • Clarity: You don’t really know what you want your luxurious life to look like
  • Mindset: Your mindset is trash and you’re constantly talking yourself out of more
  • Standards: You have low standards and no boundaries so you’re a people pleaser. 



Here’s what it sounds like to give yourself  permission to glow up + create a luxurious life. Hear from women I’ve worked with:

Mikaela Ian

“The biggest thing I got from the program has been the confidence to know that I deserve more and I deserve better. As someone who is recently divorced, I feel like every woman needs to do a program like this, no matter what stage in life they are in. I wish that this program was available when I was in my 20s. I would probably have had a very different outlook on life. When you take this program, you realize that you are worthy. You remember that you are worthy and that you can and should go for more. More is what you deserve. ”

Mikaela Ian

“Mikaela's helpful and straight up, no nonsense approach was just what I needed to help me to quickly identify my mindsets blocks and to realign my goals in a way that will serve me best and set me up for success going forward. I recommend this coaching for anyone who is feeling stuck and struggling with trying to figure out what to do next.”

Mikaela Ian

“Each and every time I speak to Mikaela, I feel focused and much more positive. Mikaela practices what she preaches through a lens of caring, listening and experience. She has the tools to help Re-build a new life. What could be more important than having someone help you on your journey from confusion to clarity, from lack to abundance. Mikaela is guiding me to find and better appreciate my strengths, self-confidence and beliefs to move forward and design the life and business I know I want.”


After years of settling and not putting you first, it’s time to glow up and create the luxurious life you’ve always wanted!

Here's what you'll learn during this three-part mini course:

  • How to become "that girl" (mindset shifts)
  • Why leaving my marriage helped me explode my income + how I did it
  • What to do TODAY to create your luxurious life

This mini course will give you everything you need to give yourself permission to become that girl and start living a luxurious life!

Grab the recordings from this three-part mini course for $99! You will get the training videos once purchase is completed. 


Mini Course schedule: 

When you sign up for the I’m That Girl mini course you’ll get access to the replays of the live sessions with Luxury Lifestyle Strategist, Mikaela Ian. 

You’ll also learn the formula to stop playing it safe so that you can give yourself permission to create a luxurious life on your terms. 

Training #1: What do you want

Here you’ll discover: 

  • Why clarity is important
  • How to get it
  • Why a lack of clarity equals chaos

Training #2: Mindset shifts

Here, I’ll reveal

  • The mindset shifts you need to make to become that girl
  • Why leaving my marriage helped me to double my corporate salary
  • Why you must clear your limiting beliefs 

Training #3: Become her

Here you’ll uncover

  • Who that girl really is for you
  • The low standards and lack of boundaries you have that are holding you back 
  • What to do TODAY to become that girl

Hey, I'm Mikaela Ian

I’m a boy mom, an entrepreneur and I’m divorced. 

In December 2022, I said fuck you to my life, burnt it down and started over.

I walked away from my five year marriage just six months after I had left my six-figure corporate job. I had $100 in my bank account and only one client on the books for January. I also had a mortgage to pay, my kids private school fees and of course day to day financial responsibilities. 

So I dug deep and decided life was too short settle. I decided to get clear on who I was, what I wanted, established firm boundaries, raised my standards and designed a life that felt self-indulgent, luxurious and pleasurable. 

I'm here to show you exactly how to go from settling in a mediocre life to giving yourself permission to create a luxurious life on your terms. 

I know it sounds super scary, but trust me, you can do it! This is your one shot at life. Shouldn't it be a little self-indulgent, feel luxurious and focus on pleasure?!


I’m That Girl

The #1 mini course for women who’ve been playing it safe but want to give themselves permission to glow up and create a luxurious life.


1. Will I really learn how to glow up and become that girl in this mini course?!

Yes, you will. I’ll be sharing with you exactly what I did to rebuild my whole life and some of the strategies I use with my clients to hep them create their own luxurious lives. As this is just a three-part training, I can’t go into all the detail but you will leave with a strategy. 

2. What is the structure of the 3-part course?

Here are the topics for each training:

Day 1: What do I want

Day 2: Shift my mindset

Day 3: Become Her

You will get the training videos once purchase is completed. 

 3. How do I know if the I’m That Girl Mini Course is right for me?!

You are a woman who is tired of playing it safe and want to give yourself permission to create a luxe life you love by clarifying your desires, shifting your mindset, and raising your standards.

You’re a woman who knows she has settled in life and worries it’s too late to change. She really wants a luxurious life but isn’t sure if she’s worthy of it. She isn’t clear on what she wants and doesn’t even know how to make it happen. She’s willing to invest in making it happen for herself as she’s tired of settling.