About Mikaela Ian Pearman


Mikaela Ian Pearman is the CEO + Founder of Mikaela Ian PR, a public relations firm based in Bermuda. She is a video expert, media coach and communications professional.  She offer bespoke PR services to help clients expand their impact and income by garnering media attention and exposure.

Mikaela has more than 15 years of media, communications and marketing experience. She began her career as a journalist in her home of Bermuda in 2007 where she covered countless events locally and internationally and interviewed politicians, heads of state and celebrities. She is certified by the Press Association in the UK as a multimedia journalist and is renowned in Bermuda for her on-camera work.

Mikaela switched to PR/Marketing working at a boutique agency, working with hospitality and telecommunications clients and went on to work with the prestigious 35th America’s Cup, where she was the local face. Mikaela has done public relations for Bermuda Skyport, the 35th America’s Cup, Hamilton Princess + Beach Club, Canadian construction giant Aecon, Bermuda CableVision, Coco Reef Resort, Elbow Beach Resort and more. She is the spokesperson for Bermuda’s airport and founded Mikaela Ian PR in 2022 where she works with companies to help them shape their public image and helps entrepreneurs grow their brands by leveraging media coverage. Click here to learn about our services.

When she’s not working with CEOs and entrepreneurs, Mikaela loves indulging in pop culture, eating out, traveling, hitting the spa, spending time with her family and sipping ice cold rosé. She is mommy to Amari and Xavi.

To get in contact with Mikaela, please email mikaela@mikaelaian.com.

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